Male Fertility Supplements and Vitamins


What age are men most fertile?


Men will continue to produce sperm throughout their life however, as they get older the quality of the sperm will decline. The quality of a man's semen will peak between the age of 30-35. Diet, stress, alcohol, smoking and exercise can all affect the quality of sperm, so it is important a man is supporting his sperm health at least 3 months before trying. 



Can supplements enhance fertility?



The correct nutrient intake is vital to produce adequate sperm. In an ideal we would get all of the nutrients we need from diet however, supplements can
support nutritional intake.



We recommend Zita West Vitamen, which is specially formulated to help support male fertility and to help prepare a man’s body for conception and is the first supplement we recommend for men when trying for a baby.



Taking nutritional supplements can help support a balanced diet in ensuring you have the nutrient reserves to support your fertility.



Is a couples fertility always dependent on the woman and not the man?


No! Male fertility is just as important as female fertility. Men need to be aware that age can affect their fertility too. A man in his 40s can have more abnormalities in her sperm than a man in his 20s. The more abnormalities, the harder it could be to conceive. There are also a number of causes for male infertility such as low sperm count, motility and DNA fragmentation. Its important to think about supporting male fertility as well as female fertility through lifestyle, diet and supplements.

What is the best supplement for male fertility?

We recommend Zita West Vitamen as a foundational support supplement. Research has shown that vitamins and minerals used in Vitamen help with sperm health. Sperm health includes mobility, motility, formation, and sperm count.

For those looking for a comprehensive pack of supplements formulated to support male reproductive health for those just deciding to try, we recommend Zita West Male Foundation Fertility Support Pack.

Should my partner be doing anything else to improve his sperm health?

There are a lot of lifestyle changes that can be made productively. Click here for more information.









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